The Exchanges thrive to meet the market needs of high speed, high throughput systems which support the increased demand of trading. The progressive policies and regulations of the government/ regulators also instill a demand to have a fair and technology driven market in place. Turning this demand into an exchange innovation that streamlined the process of the Indian financial markets made visionary Jignesh Shah a household name amongst the brokerages across the country.

63 moons through its product offerings in order management, order matching, surveillance and market data dissemination provides a robust, flawless and resilient platform, which empowers exchanges to be technologically strong. High throughput low latency, high performance, scalability, seamless integration, component based layered architecture are the few value prepositions which makes these product offerings a smart choice for the exchanges.

Exchange Customized Services (ECS):

ECS facilitates the financial institutions including Exchanges, Clearing Organisations and Regulators with customised and seamless deployment as per the specific business needs. Core functions of ECS are to provide the services for complete or specific processes in project life cycle of new/maintenance project with complete implementation and after sales support. ECS has successfully delivered projects required for financial institutions including exchanges, clearing organisations and regulators.

Clearing House:

Clearing House is an arena where the trades are cleared, accounts are settled, margin monies are maintained and collected, deliveries are regulated and it is a huge repository of all kinds of reporting. 63 moons offers an extensive catalog of clearing and settlement and risk management systems for clearing houses.

The clearing and settlement system is fully integrated and competitive post trade solution to commensurate a fully automated, state-of-the-art clearing and settlement platform. It is high customisable, cost effective to incubate and nurture evolving market needs with lowest possible costs. Risk Management System empowers clearing houses to mitigate risks associated with a trader’s portfolio.


With the advent of online trading across various asset classes, in today's scenario the main aim of a depository is to ensure safe-keeping and processing movement of assets in electronic form. Be it asset maintenance across widely spread beneficiaries, de-materialisation, re-materialisation, transfer, transmission, pledge or un-pledge; the product, offered by 63 moons has it all. It is an integrated system supporting multiple asset classes like equity, commodities, fixed income, mutual funds, etc. in electronic form. The product the backbone for depository institutions and its business partners, is built on cutting edge technology and domain expertise enables easy integration, deployment and migration in optimum time period.



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