63 moons technologies limited is a world leader in providing next-generation technology ventures, innovations, platforms, and solutions for creating digital markets and marketplaces that enable price discovery and transaction efficiencies across industry segments. Our focus has always been towards providing technology solutions, building user-friendly financial platforms, and creating digital marketplaces in India and abroad, thus taking India to the international markets.

We have created Greenfield financial markets and ecosystem ventures across India, Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia. Our innovative exchanges include Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX)*, Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX)*, Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. (IEX)*, Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX)* and Bourse Africa Limited (erstwhile Global Board of Trade); which are amongst the most respected institutions in their respective regions.

These innovations have been a culmination of the vision of Mr. Jignesh Shah, founder and now Chairman Emeritus, 63 moons technologies limited. He created a wave of change in the Indian financial markets. He has played a prominent role in shaping the modern Indian financial markets through his domain expertise, ambition, and far-sighted vision of putting the Indian markets on the world map.


Total Dividend Paid: 38 Consecutive Quarters

* Your company has a track record of paying average 100% dividend quarter on quarter (Which can only be done from Company’s standalone income, totally in contrast to the rumours spread by vested interests to misguide the ecosystem), for 38 consecutive quarters, which is a record in India by itself.

Total Jobs Created: 10 Lakh (approx.)

* Your company has created minimum 10 lakh jobs through its ventures directly and indirectly.

Total Taxes Paid: Rs. 2,000+ crore (approx.)

* Your company and its subsidiaries / associate companies have contributed directly/indirectly to the public exchequer approx. Rs. 2,000+ crore towards taxes which includes MAT Credit Entitlement of approx. Rs.175 crore.


The Exchanges thrive to meet the market needs of high speed, high throughput systems which support the increased demand of trading. The progressive policies and regulations of the government / regulators also instill a demand to have a fair and technology driven market in place. 63 moons technologies limited through its product offerings in order management, order matching, surveillance and market data dissemination provides a robust, flawless and resilient platform ...

Brokerage Houses

The evolving landscape in the Brokerage industry is throwing up new opportunities. The drivers of this ongoing evolution are mobility, social trading, robo-advisory, analytics, demand for actionable research, stricter compliance & evolved customer expectations. We have deployed cutting-edge technologies like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation & Machine Learning to power innovations which are helping brokerages harness the potential of ...


The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is undergoing a rapid transformation today. The changes in Digital world have a profound impact on financial institutions. Customers, particularly the GenX, want to use digital channels as their primary means of interacting with financial institutions and expect continuous customer engagement which has forced BFSI service providers to look at alternate operating models. Additionally the regulatory ...

Cyber Security

In today's digital landscape, protecting your organization from cyber threats in paramount. That's why we've built a comprehensive suite of products, services, and platforms designed to empower you with the expertise needed to defend against cyber attacks.

Legal Tech

QiLegal has embarked on a journey to digitize the legal framework with the modern-day technology for everyone connected with the judicial network. Robust cloud-based platform for practice management combined with various integrated tools for a complete legal ecosystem.

Exchange  Technology

63 moons technologies limited has developed a range of financial market software that simplifies the trading and settlement of Multi-Asset and Multi-Currency products, to enable any exchange to seamlessly operate in local or cross-border markets.

Brokerage Technology

Brokerage Technology Solutions is the pioneer in providing end-to-end solutions for Brokers in India and across the world. Our solutions cater to the Equity, Forex, Commodity and Derivatives Markets, covering all stages of a Trade Life Cycle, i.e. Pre-Trade and Post-Trade.


The Risk Solution provides highly secure software applications which are categorically designed as Risk Management System to the BFSI sector in Information Management area and Regulatory Capital Computation for all types of risks and compliance reporting.

Annual Report 2022-23

Annual Report 2022-23

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

History is replete with personalities who have changed society for the better and have positively impacted several lives. Although these game changers can be distinguished by.....

* Ever since the payment default crises hit the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) in 2013, the 63 moons group and its promoter have been incessantly targeted by various vested interest groups. They resorted to spreading lies, presenting a distorted version of the crisis and indulged in misinformation tactics to misguide people at large.

This sustained vicious campaign naturally became a cause of concern for 63 moons stakeholders including its employees and their families, shareholders, bankers, clients, customers and vendors. These anxious stakeholders often reached out to the Company seeking to know if there was any truth at all in what was being projected. They also requested 63 moons for greater clarity on the issue.

In view of these developments, 63 moons found it imperative to make few short films that throw light on the truth about the crisis as it stands. These short films seek to put the facts in the right perspective, showing what the society has lost due to the crisis that could have been handled in a different manner.

We have put these films on our website for the purpose of clarifying doubts and concern raised by various stakeholders.

Thank you Shareholders

Jignesh Shah - Why this persecution?

Jignesh Shah Why This Persecution

This brief book tells about the great injustice meted out to Jignesh Shah who founded 63 moons technologies and created the largest exchange ecosystem east of Suez. The book describes his pioneering work in institution building, path breaking ideas that shaped the new market segments ranging from commodities to currencies to electricity trading and numerous innovations that connected India to the best of the global markets and provided access to businesses in India and various growth opportunities. Idea, Innovation and implementation are the hallmarks of his excellence.

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