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The evolving landscape in the Brokerage industry is throwing up new opportunities. The drivers of this ongoing evolution are mobility, social trading, robo-advisory, analytics, demand for actionable research, stricter compliance & evolved customer expectations. We have deployed cutting-edge technologies like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation & Machine Learning to power innovations which are helping brokerages harness the potential of these emerging opportunities.

Tech magnate Jignesh Shah, whose name is synonymous with ‘Innovations’ in the Indian financial markets, has made the brokerage technology solution ‘ODIN’ the 'de facto' solution for the capital markets. This philosophy of innovation is driving the Brokerage Technology Division to deliver products which are helping brokers –

  • Access broking infrastructure & components as a service, hence delivering massive cost & resource optimisation
  • Ride the mobility bandwagon with smart, white labeled, feature rich, off the shelf trading apps
  • In online client on-boarding
  • Make dealing smarter through intelligent interfaces for broker-dealers
  • Deliver point in time context-specific research & insights
  • Automate routine operational activities to reduce inefficiencies
  • Democratise access to high-quality wealth management through technology

All this of course comes with our deep domain knowledge of two decades & robust technology stack across front, middle & back office and industry benchmark customer support.

Brokerage Technology Solutions services capital market participants in the following segments :

  • Enterprise

    With vast and diverse experience in Brokerage Technology Solutions, the enterprise services are designed to fully utilise the combined industry knowledge acquired by the team and cater to various important points of an expanding business.

  • Front Office

    The front office trading solutions from Brokerage Technology Solutions are known for their dependability and performance. The front office suite comprises of Exe, browser-based as well as mobile-based products to cater to all categories of clients from the different walks of life. These multi-Exchange, multi-segment trading solutions cater to Indian as well as International exchanges, with interfaces for all trading entities available right from the brokers, dealers to end investors.

  • Back Office

    The back office trading solution from Brokerage Technology Solutions is one of the most scalable solutions available. It covers the entire back office operations of the brokerage firm for any segment, in Indian as well as international markets. It is also closely integrated with the Front and Middle office solutions to provide a seamless user experience.

  • Middle Office

    Real time, Enterprise level risk monitoring tool, is a popular offering from Brokerage Technology Solutions.

  • Messaging

    A robust, secure and straight-through-settlement processing platform providing online trading member interface between fund houses, custodians and brokers. It provides secure connectivity to STP market participants, along with online status and message flow.



Keshav Samant
President & CEO, Brokerage Technology Solutions
FT Tower, Suren Road, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 093
+ 91 22 6686 2010
+ 91 22 6686 4050