At a time when the Indian financial market infrastructure needed solutions for global integration, along with bridging the rural-urban divide, it was the path-breaking vision of Mr. Jignesh Shah, founder and now Chairman Emeritus, 63 moons technologies limited, that went beyond the traditional market structure to set up world-class stock & commodity trading systems. Jignesh Shah has always found solutions that not only empowered market systems, but which also contributed to product innovation, skill development, job creation, and generation of sustainable incomes for one and all, especially small investors and stakeholders in semi-urban and rural areas. The journey of such a visionary materialised into world-class institutions that were built by competitive leadership and an effective management team.

Jignesh Shah changed the dynamics of the Indian financial markets by enabling trade routes within India through trading technology for financial exchanges. His group was the only Indian company to have established electronic silk & spice routes across continents right from Africa, to Middle-East, to South-East Asia.


  • 1995

    FTIL began its journey by developing technology-driven Intellectual Properties (IPs) connecting various financial markets at a time when the Indian markets were just opening up for trading technology. It provided technical and software solutions for online trading. The diligence and determination of founder Jignesh Shah, paved the path for FTIL in creating products that served across asset classes including equities, commodities, currencies, and bonds.

  • 1998

    Brokerage Technology Solutions


    When the nation had just started embracing online financial trading systems, Jignesh Shah pioneered the finest trading system ODIN for the country. This innovation was a cost effective brokerage technology solution that enabled trading of securities in India. ODIN has the distinction of being the No. 1 trading software with over 80% market share.

  • 2002

    Exchange Technology Solutions


    Exchange Technology Solutions, an arm of 63 moons has been developed keeping in mind the changing trends in the financial markets. Understanding the need for consistent system in evolving and dynamic financial market, technology innovator Jignesh Shah introduced crucial products such as DOME in the market. This division offers Exchange Technology Framework Product Suite which includes cutting edge software specialising in framing the support system for exchange operations.

  • 2003

    63 moons created the first ever commodity exchange of India, which later on, also became the first ever exchange to be listed in the capital market. Envisioned by technocrat Jignesh Shah, this one-of-a-kind exchange went on to become as one of the top three commodities futures exchanges in the world and capitulated to number one in gold and silver position across the internatioanl financial markets.

  • 2005

    When commodity trading was in dire need of risk management, founder of 63 moons, Jignesh Shah pioneered India’s largest warehouse and collateral management facility. The launch of National Bulk Handling Corporation Limited witnessed a streamlined mushrooming of warehouse and collateral management facilities across the nation.


    63 moons created history by setting up the first ever commodity derivatives exchange in Dubai. Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange has the distinction of being the first ever joint venture between a private sector company and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government.


    When the mobile was just a means of communication, founder of 63 moons, Jignesh Shah, developed India’s 1st real-time disseminator for secure mobile payments. Atom technologies went to become India's first multi and omni channel payments service provider offering its services across internet, POS, IVR and mobile as well as supporting multiple payment options.


    When buying information for business was costly, Jignesh Shah and the group envisioned and launched a real-time information system that provided cost-effective data and analytics to numerous businesses, small or big. TicketPlant is an analytics platform with real time streaming of market information on domestic and international exchanges as well as OTS markets.

    Risk Solutions

    Risk Solutions, a division of 63 moons that enabled regulatory bodies, financial institutions and large corporations to streamline comprehensive data and create risk management reports factoring the regulatory compliances.


    India's first commodity spot exchange NSEL was conceived and established keeping the then Hon. Prime Minister's vision to create a 'single market' across the country for both manufactured and agricultural produce.

  • 2008

    When other century-old exchanges were battling to create market depth, founder of 63 moons, Jignesh Shah, conceptualised an exchange for trading futures & options, currency derivatives, and debt market segments. MCX-SX elevated the position of Indian financial markets.


    When Small and Medium-sized enterprises faced uncertain power failures, visionary Jignesh Shah, envisioned India’s first ever exchange in electricity futures. Indian Energy Exchange became the first ever exchange to operate in supply-deficit scenario.


    When China was re-establishing its presence in silk routes, 63 moons, single-handedly created cross border trading routes to connect markets in Asia, Africa, & Middle East. 63 moons founder Jignesh Shah created a cutting edge electronic system that synchronised derivatives and physical trading in commodities in Singapore with the Asian time zone.


    Under the leadership Jignesh Shah, 63 moons has been the first Indian company to set up an exchange, which offers trading in Sukuk and other Shariah compliant financial instruments in Bahrain.

  • 2009
    Bourse Africa

    Innovation guru Jignesh Shah established a leading multi-asset exchange in Africa and opened opportunities in the continent. Bourse Africa is the first Pan-African exchange that catered to financial and commodity markets.

  • 2012

    India’s First Exchange to get listed (MCX)

    MCX Initial Public Offering (IPO)

    In February 2012, MCX had come out with a public issue of 6,427,378 Equity Shares of Rs. 10 face value in the price band of Rs. 860 to Rs. 1,032 per equity share to raise around $134 million. It was the first ever IPO by an Indian exchange and made MCX India’s only publicly listed exchange.

    The MCX IPO received phenomenal response of nearly US$ 7 billion subscription to an issue size of US$ 132 million. On the very first day of listing, MCX had more than 3 lakh investors.

    FinanceAsia, a Hong Kong based publication house awarded MCX IPO as the 'Best Midcap Equity Deal in Entire Asia Pacific for 2012.'

  • 2016
    63 moons

    "A New Name and a New Vision"

    With due approval from the Registrar of Companies, Chennai dated May 27, 2016, the name of our company has been changed to “63 moons technologies limited” from “Financial Technologies (India) Limited.”

    The new name reflects the company’s core philosophy “to be a global digital ecology” through technological innovation. We are now transitioning from being just a financial technologies company to a company that can leverage its core strengths of technologies and innovations into building new business leveraging existing Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs.).