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Company NameFile
Adyna Solutions Pvt. Limited (Subsidiary of Atom Technologies)
Apian Finance & Investment Limited
Atom Technologies Limited
Bahrain Financial Exchange BSC (Subsidiary of FTGIPL)
Bourse Africa Clear Limited (Subsidiary of BAL)
Bourse Africa Limited (subsidiary of FTGIPL)
Credit Market Services Limited
Farmer Agricultural Integrated Development Alliance Limited (Subsidiary of NSEL)
Financial Technologies Communications Limited
Financial Technologies Middle East DMCC (Subsidiary of FTGIPL)
Financial Technologies Singapore Pte. Limited
FT Group Investments Pvt. Limited
FT Knowledge Management Company Limited
FT Projects Limited
Global Payment Networks Limited
IBS Forex Limited
ICX Platform (Pty) Limited
Indian Bullion Market Association Limited (Subsidiary of NSEL)
Knowledge Assets Private Limited
National Spot Exchange Limited
Riskraft Consulting Limited
Tickerplant Limited
Westernghats Agro Growers Company Limited (Subsidiary of NSEL)